Troops to Trades Competition

Help Troops to Trades help more veterans, National Guard and Reserve members in 2017!  Get involved today!

We all know that there is a shortage of technicians in the residential service industry. We also know that Individuals transitioning from the military have a hard time finding careers. At Troops to Trades we help veterans make that transition into stable, profitable careers! Thad, our very first Troops to Trades participants, talks about his experience with that transition and how you can help!

Get Involved Today?

We invite all service industry businesses to raise money this holiday season to help veterans. All participating business will be recognized, with special recognition going to the business who raises the most money and the business who gets the most involvement!

How do you raise money?  There are many ways to do this!

  • Invite your customers to give to Troops to Trades by providing a flyer with your logo on it to customers and asking them to give.
  • Invite all employees in your company to raise money for Troops to Trades.
  • See how much money you can raise at each daily meeting.
  • Hold an event.
  • Run your own company competition.

If you plan to participate please complete the form below and order your Troops to Trades flyers. 

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