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The Business Network is an agreement between the Troops to Trades program and plumbing, HVAC and electrical service industry businesses.  In return for creating a welcoming opportunity for veterans, National Guard and Reserve members to enter the industry, the business will be promoted as a veteran-friendly business in all program outreach.

There will be two levels of businesses:

  1. Participating Businesses: actively looking to hire and work with veterans every day.
    1. Commits to the guidelines below
    2. Receives support and promotion from Troops to Trades
    3. A participating business is any residential service industry business looking to hire veterans.
  2. Advocate Businesses: support the program, but is not hiring veterans into the service industry.
    1. Commits to the Troops to Trades program through financial support
    2. Works on creating a veteran welcome business environment
    3. An advocate business is a non-residential service industry business such as a manufacturer who wants to support the program. These businesses will not be displayed on the map, but will be part of the Troops to Trades network.

Guidelines for businesses to participate in the Business Network as a Participating Business:

  1. Company will commit to be a mentor to veterans who contact them by:
    1. Implementing an internal system for supporting veterans. This system will vary by business but might include the following item or other actions that fits the business’s needs:
      1. A veteran contact who welcomes the veteran and talks to them about their career goals and provides some mentoring and/or guidance on entering the industry.
      2. Provide an informational interview, one day job shadow, or an opportunity to try out the career on a temporary bases (this could be paid).
      3. Sign up for the GI Bill and offers it to veterans
      4. Participate in Troops to Trades opportunities
    2. Having a plan for training veterans they hire. Again this system will vary by business, but all businesses should have given this thought.
  2. Company should be showing positive growth and have an employee friendly workplace.
  3. Company should be willing to do outreach in local community to build the stream of veterans they connect with.
  4. Company will track veterans interviewed, hired, referred and report back to Troops to Trades.

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