Veteran Success Stories

Bryan Shumway, Troops to Trades Scholarship Winner

June 9, 2016 Three-Way Plumbing, North Carolina Bryan Shumway was a pilot in the U.S. Air Force for 18.5 years, a time during which he commonly flew Learjets and C-130s. He traveled the world and was deployed to the Middle East four times. He had been trusted with such challenges and faced them head on, […]

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Anthony’s Story

October 20, 2015 After 20 years of service, Anthony retired from the military and began his search for a new career. Knowing he wanted a career working with his hands, he used his GI Bill to begin training at Fayetteville Technical Community College for automotive repair and HVAC. When his home air conditioning broke down, […]

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Jeff’s Story

September 15, 2015 Troops to Trades AC Pro Scholarship award winner, Jeff, has just 2 semesters left in schooling and has never been more optimistic. Maintaining a 4.0 GPA, which has kept him on the Presidents List, Jeff is excited to start working in the field. “I can honestly say that I will never regret […]

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Scott a Retired Air Force Veteran

April 13, 2015 “Everything changes with a phone call,” stated Scott a retired Air Force veteran who recently went through the Troops to Trades program to become a heating and air conditioning (HVAC) technician.  After serving in the Air Force and building a career in the security industry, Scott was called to serve closer to […]

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First Fund Recipient

August 21, 2014 “The Nexstar Legacy Foundation’s Troops to Trades program is proud to announce the very first fund award-winner has accepted the position of ride-a-long coach at Allen Services in Fort Collins, Colorado. The recipient served in the Marines from 2001-2005 and received an honorable discharge as a Corporal in 2005 and moved back […]

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Troops to Trades Scholar Scott Heberling

August 14, 2014 Scott Heberling talks about his experience in the Troops to Trades program and how it has affected his daily life. As a twenty-five year retired Air Force veteran, Scott found getting back into the civilian workforce was difficult. He applied to the Lennox BuildATech program offered through Troops to Trades. He went […]

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