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GivingTuesday $15,000 Match Challenge!
Help us achieve this match donated by the Raymond Family Foundation!

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  1. On our online form (click the blue button above).
  2. On our facebook pages
    Comment #donate + any US Dollar amount (ie: #donate $20) and we will reply with a SHORT one-time registration form for you to complete your donation.
  3. By Texting or emailing Renee your pledge at: 320-248-4629 or

Join the Mission –
Bring Careers to Veterans and Young People!

Your gift is needed to bring new technicians into the PHCE residential service industry. Every day we interact with new technicians, but it isn’t enough to fill the empty jobs. Over the last ten years your support and others like you have helped us achieve so much. Help us do even more!

Thank You For Your Donation!

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