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The residential service industry is a great career for you if you are comfortable working independently in a home environment helping customers determine the best solution for their home comfort needs. If this sounds like you, considering applying for the Troops to Trades program.

As a veteran, if you have an honorable discharge, or a National Guard or Reserve Member you are eligible to apply for the Troops to Trades program. When you apply and are accepted we will work with you to determine what training you need to enhance your skills as a HVAC technician, electrician or plumber and provide a short term training experience at no cost to you. Then we will work with you to help you find a job in the residential service industry in whatever community you are looking to live in. Even if you have experience in the industry, you will receive help in finding a position within the industry by completing the Troops to Trades application.

Alternatively, you can look for work in the residential service industry by visiting our business network and connecting with the business listed on this page.
military veteran now a plumber

We help veterans by:

Skilled tradespeople are in demand. Extreme job growth and salary increases have been projected for the next 10 years, putting plumbers, HVAC technicians and electricians in a secure position to take advantage of great opportunities now and in the years to come. Careers are fulfilling and surprisingly high paying. Take pride in being part of team, solving problems and helping people. Career options include technical, customer service, dispatch and office.

Are you or someone you know interested in learning more about a career as a plumber, HVAC technicians or electrician?

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