Georgia Taps Hidden Economic Asset: Veterans


The unemployment rate for veterans in Georgia typically is about a full percentage point below the rate for the overall population. The average rate for vets in 2013 was 7.1 percent, compared to 8.2 percent for the overall population. Nationally, veterans are only half a point better off than the overall workforce.

The difference may be due to multiple programs Georgia uses to target veterans. There are 774,000 of them and more than 100,000 active-duty reservists and members of the National Guard here, forming what they would call a target-rich environment.

One of the newest, most ambitious initiatives to help the state exploit that economic gem is the outreach programs of the University System of Georgia and the Technical College System of Georgia. To cater to them, fees are being waived, some schools are matching GI benefits, college credit is being awarded for military experience, and campuses are setting aside lounges and study halls just for veterans.

To read the entire article on Georgia’s efforts of getting qualified workers out of the military and into the civilian workforce, click here.

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