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The plumbing, heating/cooling (HVAC) and electrical residential service industries provide careers that are not only secure, but independent, hands-on and lucrative. These industries are also experiencing a growing and severe shortage of technicians. The Department of Labor expects job growth for technicians to average 20% over the next 10 years. In addition, the workforce in the trades is aging rapidly. For example, the Workforce Investment Center reports that the average age of an electrician in Boston is 58. This will lead to a 60% turnover of employees in this industry as soon as 2020.

Strengthening the Technical Workforce of Our Nation

tradespeople2This is an urgent need because the health of our country is dependent on the technicians that keep our systems running. Without clean water, we become a third world country, without electricity work grinds to a halt, without heat or air conditioning people die when faced with extreme climates. Yet, little attention is paid to strengthening the technical workforce of our nation!

While technical jobs are plentiful, professional jobs that require a 4 year degree are not. In the video released by Telos Educational Services and Citrus College in Southern California in 2013 , titled “Success in the New Economy: How prospective college students can gain a competitive advantage,” Dr. Kevin Fleming notes that “Only 33% of all jobs will require a 4-year degree or more, while the overwhelming majority will be middle-skilled jobs requiring technical skills and training.”

Watch Success in the New Economy

Success in the New Economy from Brian Y. Marsh on Vimeo.

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Not all Trade Careers are Created Equal

When entering the residential service industry, look for a quality company that you will enjoy working with. Not all businesses are as friendly or provide the kind of work experience you will like. Check around and learn your options. Read more here.

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