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We believe that the military provides excellent skills training that translates perfectly into careers in the plumbing, heating/cooling (HVAC) and electrical residential service industries; skills like leadership, communication, discipline and problem solving. These are skills that businesses in the service industry are looking for in their employees.

Service industry businesses need employees who can accomplish technical and office tasks and interact in a professional manner with customers and the public. This is why veterans, National Guard and Reserve members are a great fit; they are tremendously accountable and respect rules and procedures. Furthermore, they are sincere and trustworthy, and have the proven ability to overcome challenges and obstacles through strength and determination.

Troops to Trades invites these skilled individuals that are transitioning from the military into a civilian career, or Reservists and Guards to join this industry. The trades have a growing need for technicians such as plumbers, electricians and heating and cooling repair and installation technicians. There are also office support positions such as customer and dispatch service representatives.

To help veterans find a career in the trades, Troops to Trades provides training grants, scholarships, and career placements in the plumbing, HVAC and electrical industries.

If you are a military veteran or an active duty Guard or Reservist, we invite you to apply for one of our grants or scholarships, visit with a company in our Business Network, or contact us for more information.

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