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July 11, 2016
From Delaware.gov

Building and Sustaining a Stronger, More Prosperous Delaware: Empowering Our Veterans

Wilmington, DE – Last month, the Governor’s office began releasing a series of videos highlighting the progress the state has made over the past eight years through the voices of Delawareans. They address ways in which the lives of Delawareans today, and in generations to come, are affected by efforts to strengthen our schools, develop cleaner and more efficient energy, make the state a safer and more welcoming place for all people, improve recreational and cultural options, and create more economic development and opportunity.

The video below highlights the progress the state has made in ensuring our veterans have the ability to live a fulfilling civilian life that allows them to provide for their families and to enjoy the freedom they so bravely defended. In 2010, veteran unemployment reached 14.5%, but because of initiatives like Hire a Vet Month and the Veterans Opportunity Tax Credit for employers who hire returning heroes, the veteran unemployment rate dropped to 5% in 2014 and then even further to 3.6% in 2015.

Excerpts from the video:
“One of the things this administration, and certainly Governor Markell, can be extremely proud of is he has addressed the veterans’ unemployment issue,” Francis Vavala, Adjutant General, Delaware National Guard said. “Veterans bring a lot of unique skill sets and they also bring a discipline, a responsibility that a lot of other don’t bring to the workplace.”

“As a former veteran, I feel like the veterans and the citizen soldiers are the foundation of our community,”Steve Masterson, CEO, Waste Master Solutions said. “To give them the opportunity to come back to a job that they can further enhance their livelihood is an honor and a privilege.”

“What you see before you is a product of the United States Marine Corps,” Clifton Johnson, Gunnery Sergeant, United States Marine Corps, Retired said. “I’m an environmental coordinator for the Paulsboro Refinery and I’m in charge of all their waste product.”

The video series will be released via email as well as on the Governor’s YouTube channel. This week’s video is available on:

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