Check Out Top 10 Job Opportunities For Military Veterans


February 3, 2015
By Angela Gonzales

Military veterans seeking to make the transition to a post-military career now have focused ideas on how their existing skills can translate into the civilian workforce, thanks to a report released today by

As more employers are reaching out to U.S. military veterans, many vets aren’t sure how to apply their skills in the civilian world, said Tony Lee, publisher of boots

The top 10 jobs for military veterans:

    1. Administrative services manager. Annual median salary: $81,080
    2. Construction program manager. Annual median salary: $82,790
    3. Electrician. Annual median salary: $ $49,840
    4. Emergency medical technician. Annual median salary: $31,020
    5. Industrial engineering technician. Annual median salary: $50,890
    6. Paralegal and legal assistant. Annual median salary: $46,990
    7. Personal finance adviser. Annual median salary: $67,520
    8. Registered nurse. Annual median salary: $65,470
    9. Software engineer. Annual median salary: $85,430
    10. Training and development manager. Annual median salary: $95,400

The unemployment rate is 4.7 percent for veterans who are 18 years and older, representing all branches of the military, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

That’s up from 0.8 percent in December 2014, or nearly 100,000 more veterans in the workforce. This year’s unemployment rate also is better than the national unemployment rate of 5.6 percent.

“It’s important for veterans to know where their experience can be applied best, and when they must obtain additional credentials,” Lee said. “Many of the top careers are attainable with higher education, although many of the best jobs for veterans don’t require a college degree.”

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