13 Jobs Available for Veterans and 6 Reasons Why Employers Should Hire Them


November 22, 2016
By Karen Diaz
From JobsNHire.com

Finding a new job is never easy. Changing your environment and meeting new people in the new field that you chose is another challenge. Planning, deciding, and doing some research must be considered before finding another job. It is important to have a basic knowledge on what job you are looking for.

Veterans who are seeking for another job has a bigger chance to be hired immediately. A job site named image of veteransCareerBuilder conducted a survey from employers regarding as to what jobs are highly recommended for Veterans. According to Forbes, there are 13 jobs available for them.

On the top spot is Customer Service. Veterans have a high problem-solving skills; customer service deals with a lot of problems. Therefore, the reason this job ranks as number one is because Veterans can probably respond to customers’ problems instantly.

Information Technology got the second rank on the survey. Strength of Veterans includes attention and troubleshooting; these strengths are also needed in Information Technology field.

Other jobs that are included on the list are sales, manufacturing, distribution & logistics, accounting, human resources, business development, marketing, research, public relations, clinical, and legal.

An article from Work it Daily, Top Employers hire Veterans, because they have:

Specialized Skills
Veterans were taught in different skills depending on their role in the service. Some may be assigned in manipulating computers, while others may be appointed in doing medical services. The knowledge and skills that they have is not limited.

Strong Work Ethic
A strong commitment is needed in every job. Therefore, some employers are hiring Veterans because of their strong work ethics. They are dedicated and well-disciplined.

Being responsible is very important because employers wants those who are doing their job properly. Doing the job correctly will lead to the success of the company.

Veterans are loyal, especially to the country that they are serving. Their effort and time just to protect the country is very much appreciated. That is why most employers wants to hire Veterans because of the loyalty that they have.

Of course, a company will never work if there is no teamwork. Like in the military, even though they have different troops, teamwork remains the same for everyone. It is about helping each other, providing ideas, acting and being one.

Honesty and sincerity begets integrity. One must possess this trait whether you are within the military or not. Being fair to your work and to everyone will lead you to success in the future.

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*Article and images from: http://www.jobsnhire.com/articles/48796/20161122/13-jobs-available-veterans-6-reasons-why-employers-hire.htm

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